Welcome to Party Creek

It’s no secret we love to party here at Hat Creek. It has always been our goal to serve great food and foster an environment of fun for the whole family. We also see this as an opportunity to give back to the community! So, whether you’re looking to plan a birthday party, an “after game” team meal, or even a school fundraiser, we’ve got you covered.

Spirit Nights

Is your school looking for a way to raise some funds? We love being able to give back to the communities we serve in! You pick a Sunday, Monday or Wednesday night from 5 PM to close, and we keep all receipts and donate back 10% of gross sales between 5-CLOSE for receipts collected from their attendees! Does this sound like something you’re looking for? Fill out the form below and we’ll get you on the calendar.

Pajama Parties

Sometimes it’s nice to get the kids out of the house in the mornings and let them run that energy off. Don’t want to fool with changing them out of their PJs? All PJs welcome! Don’t want to fool with breakfast? We’ve got it covered! We set aside some tables for you and your friends to come enjoy breakfast, play on the playground, and watch cartoons until your heart is content!


Store Parties

Looking for a family-friendly place to throw an awesome party? Awesome outdoor seating? Check. Delicious food? Check. Awesome playscape? Check. We would love to host your event! We love celebrating birthdays, game victories, or just a party for the sake of partying!

Fill out the form below and we can coordinate with our stores to ensure we reserve seating for your event.



Yep! We totally support cake in all its forms.

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